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IBM is a leading global technology and solutions provider and the world’s largest consulting organization. IBM’s end-to-end global capabilities include: Services, Software, Information Technology Systems, Research and Financing. Operating in more than 170 countries, with over 350,000 employees, IBM creates business value for its clients through integrated solutions that leverage innovative IT and deep business insights.

In Africa, IBM is committed to partnering with governments, private sector companies, universities and communities to help drive transformation across the continent with high-value solutions and cross-industry capabilities covering healthcare, transportation, education, energy and banking, amongst others. 

IBM has considered South Africa to be one of its key markets since the inception of its first office in 1952. It is a significant employer in South Africa, and has been officially certified by the Top Employers Institute for its exceptional employee offerings. IBM has assisted the country vastly over the decades by providing education programs and volunteering hours in communities it works and operates in. 

IBM supports economic and social development locally through programs that apply expertise and technology resources – with a major focus on Africa, where IBM works with governments, universities, and small NGOs. Moreover, IBM has heavily invested in the Smarter Cities Challenge by deploying three SCC teams with 18 IBM executives, providing pro bono consulting to three South African cities, helping them to address the critical issues of public safety, management of revenues from water services, and optimizing social services delivery. 

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