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Established in 2000, Intuate Group is a privately owned, South African, information technology holding company that provides specialised, integrated technology and people solutions.  The Intuate Group of companies include Intuate Services, Intuate Solutions and Intuate Engagement Technologies. In conjunction with Callcredit, we simplify today’s omni-channel customer journey by integrating all points of contact, regardless of channel, into a single easy-to-use system - giving you a single customer view and the power to make the best commercial real-time decisions.

 Our experienced client and development teams will work with you to reduce the time to value through faster implementation and integration, reusing existing legacy systems where possible.  With extensive industry experience and an advanced suite of cloud and on-premise technologies, we are uniquely positioned to address your specific business needs by designing a solution that takes functionality, ease-of-use, ROI and long-term business value into consideration.