Mary-Jane Talbot

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Management Consultant
IQ Business

|  16 Pickwick Road, Salt River, Cape Town, 7700, South Africa click at this page

Mary-Jane completed her B.Com Hons in Economics at Stellenbosch University and thereafter began her career in London where she gained diverse experience across the investment banking industry in organisations such as Deutsche Bank and Knight Financial Products. After a number of years she returned to South Africa and gained experience as a Foreign Exchange Manager for an outsourced treasury business - Andisa Capital. She wished to extend her boundaries in her career so she embarked on an MBA at Wits Business School, following which she was employed by Accenture as a management consultant. She gained valuable experience on a number of projects in the Financial Services Industry, most notably managing the customer strategy workstream on a number of operating model projects. She also held an in-house consulting position at Standard Bank where she ran projects in strategic marketing and client strategy. A move to Russia enriched her life experience, accompanied by working in PR, Communications and Marketing. On return back to South Africa she joined the IQ Business team in the PI practice to run with the Target Operating Model offering. Recently she joined forces with the CEM team to focus on building a differentiated customer centric target operating model offering see more.


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