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Upinion is a research technology platform powered by mobile and social messaging. Upinion makes it easy for you to put your customers first, test and pivot your products, concepts and strategy. Upinion has it's own mobile messenger app, which allows you to run your research in more than 100 countries. Plus it also allows you to reach your audiences in their social habitat through Facebook Messenger, where they are having authentic conversations with friends and family. This makes targeting and inviting respondents easy and sizeable. Be part of their contact list, engage when you need respondents and increase your response rates. The Upinion Facebook Messenger integration is also available in more than 100 countries. The strength of Upinion lies in our conversational back-end, which helps you script advanced conversations and analyse your data or API to your CMS or Analytics software. Our team of experts can help your business take the next step in ongoing consumer engagement, agile market research and improve speed, data quality and get you far better responses than traditional approaches.