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Genex Insights

Tim has designed and led some of the key trends in Customer Experience Management (CEM) in South Africa. He founded 30x30 and led the architecture of SA’s first VOC platform. Later he merged TMS research and 30x30 into Genex Insights to form one of the only true end-to-end, Digital Market Research and Voice of the Customer providers. Tim has been the recipient of various entrepreneurship accolades including the FNB innovation awards; selection as an Endeavor ISP candidate, the Sanlam / Business partners’ entrepreneur of the year awards and a winner of the Technology Top 100 for management in People, Systems, Technology and Innovation. When you partner with Genex, you tap into a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the research and customer experience fields. With access to highly skilled researchers, analysts, proven methodologies, and technology experts, you’ll have all you need to define the metrics that matter most to you, and design internal programs that delivers real value to your customers and other important stakeholders in your business.


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