09:50 – 10:10

Diversity & inclusion, and low fidelity customer experience.

– Qaalfa Dibeehi

10:40 – 11:10

Importance of employee experience and global leadership in the adoption of CX approaches.

– Steve Towers

11:20 – 11:40

Investing in CX technology? You need to understand workplace psychology first.

This session is for leaders who want to harness a motivated workforce to deliver successful outcomes for their customers This session will explore:

  • The science of motivation – and how motivation ultimately fuels a great customer experience.
  • The psychological considerations that will ensure you get the best from your implementations.
  • The technology that can support your evolving workforce – and the key psychology principles underpinning these solutions.

– Douglas McNeilage

– Matt Flurry

11:45 – 12:40

Redefining CX for a new era.

How do companies sustain this level of resilience, while reaching new customers and future-proofing their businesses?

  • Significant changes and high online customer engagement ushers in was needed for constant adaptation, forcing customers to re-examine their values and their expectation from eh companies they do business with.
  • Customers want speed and convenience along with seeking empathy and commitment to the core issues they care about (such as reaching out to the vast majority of the population, cost of data services, availability of smartphones, etc.)
  • Setting a high bar, particularly during this challenging time, but companies that invest in solutions to help them work smarter and adapt quickly to evolving customer preferences will be better prepared to handle any uncertainty that lies ahead.

– Kia Abbott

– Lynne Blignaut

– Simon Hartley


Visit the virtual exhibition hall and engage with fellow attendees via chat and video call

13:50 – 14:15

The Silver Bullet to improving your Customer Experience

Poor customer experience is only a symptom.

Start a cultural evolution to move your organisation to remarkable employee and customer experiences.

This session will give your practical guidelines on how to start and sustain a cultural evolution.

– Chantel Botha

14:20 – 14:40

Simplifying personalized omnichannel customer services to delight your customers.

Learn how to improve NPS (Net Promoter Score), reduce costs, and increases efficiency with cloud-based, drag-and-drop solutions and APIs that meet your customer and employee needs.

14:45 – 15:30

Humans and tech collaboration and who will win the battles. Understand the likes of your customers.

Of late we are engaging ourselves in increasing talk about new technologies – blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, augmented reality, virtual reality, and automation. In fact, it’s all everyone seems to be talking about these days. This approach can be both exciting and terrifying.

Let’s hear from the retailers, eCommerce, financial, and healthcare experts on:

  • How do we make sense of the possibilities being opened up by incredible computing power, and analytics that allow us to understand consumer behaviour like never before?
  • Reminding ourselves that technology is just an enabler for something far bigger – creating better experiences for the consumers and ordinary people who use our products and services.

– Laurian Venter

– George Mienie

– Kamohelo Potloane

– Hanz Rauch



09:30 – 10:15

Unlocking South African Digital Customer Experience Report 2021 with the leading experts from different sectors.

This panel discussion will feature the business leaders and customer experience practitioners from different industries, sharing their feedback on the likes and dislikes of customer experience trends.

– Julia Ahlfeldt

10:20 – 10:40

Delivering excellent service to DHL customers during the critical pandemic hours, upgrading their critical infrastructure that was needed to enhance their productivity and efficiency.

Understand and learn about how DHL express grasped the economic impact of the current pandemic, to invest ahead of the curve in their diverse service portfolio and long-established foothold in Africa.

– Bradley Edwards

10:45 – 11:05

The connection between the employee experience and the customer experience for SA’s number 1 rated employee experience brand.

11:10 – 11:30

Reinventing the employee experience and WFH culture in a post-covid world.

Explore the topic along with the customer experience leader Nicolas Callegari in the context of the pandemic, working from home, burnout, and the deeper quest for purpose at work – and how that translates into engaged employees that give 100% at work.

– Nicolas Callegari

11:35 – 11:55

How did the healthcare sector embrace and motivate the effective customer experience during the tough times?

How did healthcare organisations consider customer experience as a cornerstone to building brands, inspiring loyalty, and finding efficiencies? Combining the cost of Covid-19 care with the cancellation of elective medical procedures took a toll on the bottom line for most healthcare providers.

12:00 – 12:45

How digital transformation should start with your customer.

Enterprises across the globe are making significant investments in digital transformation efforts. By 2021, these expenditures will have jumped to more than $2.1 trillion.

The rapid proliferation of smart technologies, combined with the declining cost of computing power and storage capacity, has put most technologies, especially analytics and advanced machine learning, in the lands of practically every business, no matter its size. Thus, just having the latest technology won’t provide a competitive advantage.

  • Customers are demanding better experiences from the organisations they do business with, and companies must meet or exceed those demands to be successful.
  • Customers expect performance, responsiveness, authenticity, and consistency in messaging and tone.
  • The winners will be those companies that create customer experiences that are better than their competitors, and more in tune with how customers want to do business with them.

– Eloise Boezak

– Mumbi Odambe

– Brenda Zuma


Visit the virtual exhibition hall and engage with fellow attendees via chat and video call

13:55 – 14:15

Online education sector – the new student experience.

– Robert Paddock

14:20 – 15:05

With the shift to WFH, everything from how we work, the tools we need to stay productive to how we collaborate across remote teams, has changed. Over the past year, companies have seen a lot of change: support teams started working remotely or underwent layoffs, while many agents have had to carry heavier loads or learn new tools or processes just to get the job done.

Hear how employers and employees are dealing with the unprecedented transition and how they’re supporting their teams.

15:10 – 15:30

Success story of the lockdown: How Zulzi, a home-grown delivery app has surged in popularity amongst customers, while also securing fresh investment.

– Donald Vutlharhi Valoyi

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