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The last straw of a bad customer experience catapulted Andrew Cook from his promising career as a CA into the field of customer experience management. He had a choice: become another disgruntled customer or do something to change the way businesses engage with their customers. Andrew directed his energy into making it easier for customers to be heard and for businesses to take action. With some hard work, clever programming and an entrepreneurial spirit, Smoke Customer Care Solutions was founded.

The Smoke CCS team was formed in 2007 and the first steps were taken to develop a post-call interactive voice response (IVR) survey solution. This software is now known as Eyerys, and it enables companies to continuously monitor service levels delivered in call centres, in the retail environment, online, and every other customer touch point.

From software to soft skills, we now combine innovative technological solutions with advisory services so that companies are able to broaden and develop their customer experience strategies.

Smoke CCS has grown to include the expertise of some of South Africa’s most creative and talented developer, operational support and sales brains.