Join the two part series that unpacks a successful cloud enablement strategy

Cloud enablement has been one of the hottest topics in the last year. It determined whether companies survived and even thrived during COVID-19, or were impacted by the lack of adoption. Not only does cloud enablement impact the customer and their ever-evolving needs, but it ensures business continuity even during the most trying of times.

King Price is an example of a company that due to its early adoption, managed to keep up with customer needs, even during the pandemic. Find out more about their journey and others in this two-part series. 

Practical Experiences of Moving to Cloud

In this two-part webinar series, sponsored by Pivotal Data, industry experts will come together to discuss the impact that cloud enablement has had on their business, and how it will impact the future of the business. Hear from Herman Singh, Pierre van Leyveld, Tanya Phillips, and Francois Swanepoel who will be taking you through their story of how cloud enablement mapped out their future. 

Key Topics of the Webinar

As a part of the CEM series, this webinar will cover the vital aspects of how customers can be impacted by a move to cloud:

  • Why cloud migration is critical to enable improved customer experience and business performance; 
  • 2020 necessitated the move to cloud: What were the key lessons that were learned?
  • Identifying your digital roadmap
  • Unpacking your cloud migration strategy and identifying the potential pitfalls early on in the journey

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