Anton de Wet, (CCXP), Chief Client Officer, Nedbank RBB

Anton has had a career in banking with a wide range of experience. He has worked in various roles including Corporate & Investment Banking and in more recent years as part of the Retail & Business Banking executive team. Anton has been a proponent of the benefits of a customer-centered culture. He takes an outside in approach to understanding the brand experience from a customer and/or potential customer’s perspective and appreciates the importance of strong collaboration, to drive creative solutions.

Digital transformation of financial services offers a fresh opportunity to shape desired customer outcomes. It also prompts the redesign of existing in-store experiences. Anton is fascinated by the intersection of brand, technology and how customer perceptions shape their behaviours.

Anton is a Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP) and is working with a talented group of like-minded people to drive a CX strategy at Nedbank RBB.