Antonie has over twenty years’ experience in retail financial services. In his current role Antonie was responsible for the design, development and implementation of several unique home loan product offerings. These products included a 20-year fixed interest rate product, a loyalty-based home loan product, an interest-only home loan and a hybrid variable/interest-only mortgage product. Antonie also successfully led several large-scale business improvement projects throughout the home loan value chain. Client experience management is a recent addition to his portfolio. In this new role Antonie takes responsibility for client onboarding and the implementation of client experience improvement initiatives. Drawing on his academic background, Antonie also conducts organisational and customer research focussing on client engagement and behaviour.Antonie believes that complex business problems are more likely, and sustainably, solved through collaboration, open communication and targeting pragmatic, incremental goals that strive for simplicity. Whilst this “recipe for success” may seem obvious, leadership and organisational culture ultimately influences how successfully it is put into practice.