Chantel is a problem solver and innovator. She obsesses over how customers and employees connect with each other and with brands. She designs highly engaging and remarkable customer and employee journeys that create value for brands and people. She finds the ‘kind’ in human kind.She is an activist for teaching skills to help us thrive in a world where most future jobs don’t exist yet.She campaigns for igniting human purpose and performance through skills programs that focus on self-discovery and collaborative learning.She holds a degree in Mathematics and Computer science. She is the founder and CEO of BrandLove, an African innovation consultancy.She is the founder and Managing Director of Kind Bright Minds, a non-profit, robotics academy that focus on preparing kids for the future with technical and interpersonal skills.She is the founder of Service With a Smile, a non-profit education initiative to transform the lives of people in the service industry through empowering them with real-time design skills.