Daniel Maison is an entrepreneur by passion and definition. With a strong knack of launching and scaling businesses across the African continent, he has honed his skills as a marketer within a variety of businesses including the Banking, Automotive & Telco industries.

Backed by a successful career in the corporate incentives industry and driven by a zeal for driving Tech inclusivity to the masses, Daniel co-founded Sky.Garden- an eCommerce platform that is tailored to informal and established merchants. The start-up recently made headlines after launching 3,500+ webshops and raising over $1Million in seed investment after less than a year of operations. Inspired by the dynamic Sky.Garden team, he takes pride in positioning the company to be the preferred online tool for vendors across all emerging markets in Africa and beyond.

Daniel is inspired by technologies that directly empower people in their daily lives. He believes that in order for a business to truly realise its vision, the dream must be bigger than the dreamer in order to achieve a lasting, impactful legacy.