Founder,  Isidima Brands Multimedia & Uhuru Consumer Electronics
Daniel Thebe is an award winning innovative thought leader on African brand communication and reputational management. Having spoken on world stages such as AfricaCom, Next Generation telecoms, World Economic Forum , TV Connect London just to name a few, his passion and obsession is African Media and telecoms ownership. Daniel has his academic background in Visual Brand Communication and Business Administration from the University of Cape Town. He believes in providing and owning innovative media platforms that are integrated in society for its self-realisation as a whole.He heads up Isidima Brands Multimedia Group. since 2008 specialised in brand communication and advertising .He oversees the company’s investments namely:• Isidima brands Multimedia ( ,Township Film Festival • UHURU TV• Uhuru Consumer Electronics- Manufacture of entry level and high end consumer electronics ( . In his pastime: he enjoys extreme sports: Surfing, Sky diving, playing chess, cooking and tea.