I’m the Managing Director of Platinum Seed, the digital specialists who use insight, technology and creativity to help brands stay relevant in an ever-changing world. At a time when brands want more from their marketing partners, my obsession is all about driving real business results using digitally mature marketing. I cut my teeth in the world of data by helping global media intelligence company, Meltwater, grow. Today at Platinum Seed my greatest satisfaction comes from seeing businesses grow through digital transformation. The new world of connected, hyper-personalised marketing where brands and humans grow in intimacy enlivens me. The media is filled with stories about the ‘Advertising Apocolypse’ but essentially I read this digital disruption as a market correction which gives more power to customers. The new world of marketing is all about stories, connections, personalisation and authenticity. To me, it is an exciting era during which marketing can only become better. I’m a fierce mother, but I’m equally fierce about business, technology and the way women are portrayed in advertising. I hope that part of my legacy will be doing something positive about this, while at the same time acknowledging that all humans are important to marketers.