I am a goal driven IT Specialist focused on leading strategic change business. My areas of expertise and experience are:

  • CIO of large financial services organisations;
  • Building the technology architecture for a business that needs to scale from a customer growth and product development perspective;
  • Re-engineering and modernising legacy systems to be nimble, scalable and future proof;
  • Enabling change while maintaining operational stability;
  • Conceptualising and leading complex technology projects, including Networks, Data Centres, Call centres and Software Systems;
  • Conceptualising and implementing centralised integration models for systems to successfully work with each other;
  • Building capable, resilient teams through leadership and mentoring;
  • Mentoring and coaching technical experts to take ownership and lead change.

I have managed large internal and external IT teams to deliver systems based on business requirements. I have extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of IT including hardware, software and data.

My ability to understand business problems and deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions are based on my experience as a developer in my early career. I have continued to hone my technology skills by assuming various roles across IT functions , including project manager, development manager, systems manager, infrastructure manager and analyst programmer.

I have extensive knowledge in the FMCG (Fast moving consumer goods), Medical (Radiology), Financial Services (Home loans, Short-Term Insurance and Life Insurance) and Real Estate industries.

In my role as consultant, I use my experience to assist CIO’s and their teams to improve their performance. I am an expert at leading a high-performance technology team to change and support enterprise architecture, data, information and software systems. I am a technologist at heart and have a passion for solving problems using technology. I use my background as a developer to solve complex problems.

I have completed an MBA through Henley Business School to enhance my skills and competence to effectively contribute to business strategy.