I am passionate about helping people and businesses transform to better ways, with happier
lives. Whether that is individuals, teams, or companies, I apply proven and tested methods from
the very best individual and corporate achievers to help you codify your success, happiness, and future.
Named as one of the 30 most influential Global Customer Service Experts in 2021.
An experienced business transformation leader with over 40 years of success in driving and
achieving organizational goals in both the private and public sectors in various key ‘C’ leadership and top-level consulting positions. Recognized across industries including BPM, EA, CX, & LSS.
“Steve is a highly sought-after visionary force in leading global organizations.” Peter Fingar
Founder of the BP Group in 1992, he developed the world’s first and premier network for BPM & Customer Experience professionals. Now In 124 countries with 130 K+ members and affiliate
offices in 13 countries.