A creative, international leader who delivers profit and far-reaching transformation. As an architect of organizations that operate with focus, confidence and determination, I am results-orientated, consistently delivering revenue and profit growth. I have experience in redirecting resources to establish a stronger, leaner and more agile business that can deliver on brand promises. Always forward-thinking, I structure a business for sustainable growth, looking to embrace new ideas and implement innovative solutions that propel the business forward. Influential and trusted by stakeholders, employees and partners across the world, I enjoy a reputation for excelling in international business. I am a builder of measurably strong, happy and motivated teams made up of individuals who understand their role and how their achievements contribute to the goals of a dynamic organization. With a compelling passion for the customer and the delivered experience, I am someone who effectively applies my emotional intelligence and creativity. I act purposefully, manage growth internationally, and will successfully bring about transformation to the business and the organization.