Thembani lives to ensure his and other children in Africa are relevant and thrive in a highly competitive, highly digitised and globalised world. Considering the dramatic rate of change globally, Thembani believes that building and scaling tech companies Made in Africa into global giants is one of very few options to secure our kids’ relevance and help them to compete and win.

Although an entrepreneur at heart, Thembani (31 years old) started and has spent majority of his career in the corporate C-suite working with CEOs, executives, board members and senior managers on company turnarounds, transformations, strategy formulation, expansion planning and special projects. At T-Systems, he was apprenticed and worked with the Managing Director for 3 years before moving to McKinsey & Company, where he became the first 1-year promotion from the McKinsey Leadership Programme since its inception. He then moved to the OLX Group to become Head of Strategy & Monetisation and proceeded to have the fastest promotion to Country Manager in OLX Group history after 1 year in the role, making him the youngest Country Manager in the OLX Group.

He is currently the Chief Operating Officer at Orderin.