The Composability of Customer Experience In a CCaaS Environment

In September 2021, Gartner predicted that contact centre as a service (CCaaS) will likely hit mainstream adoption within two years. Positioned as a growth market, the technology provides greater software agility while lowering the cost of ownership. But what is CCaaS and how can it help local organisations unlock growth? 


Contact centre as a service (CCaaS) is a cloud-based customer service application that manages and tracks customer journeys, employee interactions with clients, and any other inbound or outbound customer communications. These communications are tracked across voice and digital channels, such as email, Web chat, and text messaging. 


Because CCaaS platforms are managed and accessible through the cloud, no stand-alone infrastructure is needed. This enables CCaaS providers to automatically push capability updates in real time with no software downtime or business disruptions. 


Journey Towards Personalisation 


As consumers become increasingly connected, they start demanding more from the businesses they give their custom to, especially when it comes to personalised experiences. The end user ‘sacrifices’ their data in exchange for having products and services tailored to meet their unique needs. And because the lines between home and work have blurred thanks to developments of the past two years, people have become less concerned about the impact of automation and artificial intelligence (AI). Instead, they are looking for companies that reflect their own values. 


Customers today want everything. And what they want now is different to what they wanted yesterday and what they will likely want tomorrow. Much of this comes down to being able to deliver a consistent experience regardless of the platform used. It is the role of the CCaaS to tie all the data points together and empower agents to make the decisions necessary to realise this. 


It is meeting the demands of the ‘Everything Customer’ that must become a corporate mindset. The services and experiences must therefore be composed around the customer and applied to every device they use. 


A Total Experience 


Understanding the Total Experience (TX) of a customer must become part of the company’s objectives. When it comes to TX, having a seamless link between customer, employee, and user is imperative. 


Much of this centres on building strategy, technology capability, and innovation frameworks holistically, as the experience needs to be end-to-end. So instead of planning, implementing, and measuring these different functions in silos, TX requires bringing these elements together. 


The CCaaS environment is what enables this. It allows businesses to immediately start delivering cloud-based experiences to its employees and customers without putting a strain on IT resources. Of course, in a digital world, a business must move to the cloud at its own pace, but organisations also need to embrace personalised experiences that deliver customer value. That they can do both through CCaaS is why the technology gaining so much attention.